MCCSD’s Successful Music Faculty Recital

By: Naomi Newen

Our educators in music from all over the district, including some from our own Centereach High School, performed stupendously on Thursday, October 15, 2015 at the Newfield High School Auditorium.

The Newfield Faculty Band “Marshall Drive” kicked off the night with some energetic songs, including “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” from Pat Benatar and Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.” Next Ms. Joan Meichner beautifully sang “Steal Me, Sweet Thief” with Mr. Thomas Austin’s piano accompaniment. Mr. Stephan Normandeau’s impressive clarinet of Music” with Mr. Jim Lowe’s piano accompaniment followed after. Next, the solo of Mozart’s “Divertimento in Bb” and Ms. Theresa Neville’s beautiful presentation were played, along with the Faculty Drum Ensemble performing two upbeat pieces which drew the audience in. Then Mr. Daniel Martinez and Ms. Cindy Herrick performed three duets on the viola and cello. The show ended with the Faculty Jazz Ensemble comprising of teachers from various schools around the district, including Centereach’s Mr. Lee Schaarschmidt and Mr. Greg Sevian.

Families, friends, and students all enthusiastically came to watch and support the teachers on stage. In addition to entertaining the audience, this event helped to raise more than $350 for the scholarships that will be given to seniors of the graduating class of 2016.  We are all so proud of our teachers, and we look forward to seeing them at school.

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