Homecoming Victories All Around! A Day to Remember! and Celebrate!


Seniors already thinking about graduation

By Gianna Boscarino and Jackie Gomez  September 19, 2015

Homecoming weekend came early this year but had no effect on its attendance and enthusiasm. Not only did we have beautiful weather, but we had ourselves a great Homecoming win against Copiague. To start off Homecoming, we had our traditional comical and clever skits performed by the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior classes with the senior class of 2016 taking the top spot. The theme was seasons with seniors taking summer (graduation already on the mind), the juniors taking autumn, and sophomores with winter and freshman with spring. This was a great way to bring out the school spirit before the big football game. While the football team practiced on the field, the cheerleaders, with their Sparkle team, rallied up the stands as more and more Cougar pride appeared on school grounds. Our field was filled with determination and our stands were with hope as the game was about to commence. Our school’s marching band, along with our men’s’ choir, led us in the National Anthem.

The football team’s superb performance was led by Justin Eck who scored all the points that would give us a homecoming win. At halftime, the coaches gathered the team for a pep talk, while kick-line and the cheerleaders took the field once again entertaining and raising Homecoming spirits to new heights. Our team came out and won the day with a 17-6 victory over Copiague. The crowd went wild with astonishing cheers from parents, teachers, and most importantly supportive school members. The team celebrated their glorious win that day. An exciting game made our 2015-2016 Homecoming game one to remember.

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