Opinion–Common Core Geometry Regents—Not so Uncommon!

By Staff Reporter

On June 2, 2015, CHS students who took Geometry in New York State were given the first Common Core Geometry exam. Teachers who had been teaching Geometry had no idea as to what the students were going to face when taking this, which led to the students brutally preparing and studying for this hyped up, supposed to be immensely difficult exam. The Practice Test booklets which were created by test companies such as Pearson, were actually much more arduous than the actual Common Core Regents. The multiple choice questions weren’t actually hard, and were pretty simple. The short answer questions were very detailed, and most of them required you to complete a lot of steps but other than that, they were possible and we had learned how to solve them. One thing which they could have done to make it much easier was to maybe give us more time, but other than that, the Common Core Regents was much easier than anticipated, and anyone who paid enough attention in class, should have passed.


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