SAT Redesign and Khan Academy Partnership

By: Solyman Hatami

Spring of 2016 marks the establishment of the first wave of the newly redesigned SAT, characterized by equal opportunities, a more modern layout, and less alienation from average high school students. The main changes include an optional document based essay, a return to the previous 1600 point scale, a broader spectrum of contemporary vocabulary, removal of incorrect answer penalties, fewer math topics, and a partnership with Khan Academy.

However the more appealing aspect to this revamped college entrance exam is the easily accessible practice tests and quizzes at Khan Academy, as fully covered in a recent Newsday article by Lisa Leff. College Board president David Coleman stated, “the partnership aims to level the college admissions playing field by putting high quality training within easy reach of students.” With Khan Academy given access to SAT resources and as well as full length practice tests written by the College Board themselves, anyone with an internet will be able to freely prepare for this major exam, rather than spend exorbitant amounts on classes, tutors, or prep books. will make the competition behind college admisions more fair and less stressful to all.


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