Centereach High School’s Asia Night 2015 Celebrates “A Thousand and One” Asian Delights!

A Night In Asia

By Alexandria Ortiz


            Asian Heritage Night was a hit. This year’s countries included Bangladesh, China, India, Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Turkey. Everyone was in traditional costumes from each of the countries. Each country had delicious food. The night was filled with incredible performances. The first performance was a lion dance from China. The costumes were great and even blinked! Next, Taiwan presented a Chinese Yoyo performance and the Chinese yoyos lit up the room. This was followed by a Ranard performance from Thailand and a Pamaypay dance from the Philippines. Lastly, there was a dance to Gangnam Style from Korea. Other events included dumpling demonstrations and tea tasting from China, Takyan from the Philippines, henna tattoos from Pakistan, dart throwing from Taiwan, and much more. The best part of the night was that everything was free! So if you were unable to attend this year, definitely be sure to come next year.



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