CHS 2015 Fashion Show —Hot, Hot, Hot

Centereach’s annual fashion show went on last Friday, March 6th, despite the snow that almost stood in the way. The show had been scheduled for Thursday but with, hopefully the last, snowstorm of the season it ended up being pushed to Friday. But a little snow couldn’t hinder Centereach High School from putting on a fantastic show.

The fashion show ended up being a big turnout despite the weather and had perhaps the most models and wait staff volunteering than ever before, especially from the senior class who must have been hoping to go out with a bang their last year here at Centereach. The cafeteria was transformed into a runway with delicately decorated tables and twinkling lights to set an elegant vibe fit for a true fashion show. Food was served with thanks to Café Amici in Selden, and everyone enjoyed dinner upon taking their seats to enjoy the night ahead. With dinner underway and the silent auction and raffle bids coming to an end the show was ready to begin. The freshmen kicked off the show, featuring outfits as casual as pajamas and as stylish as outfits fit for school or a night out. The sophomores followed suit, and the models gave hilarious descriptions of their hobbies that had the crowd cracking up as they were read off by Ms. Byers. The show paused to conduct the silent auction and raffle and a variety of gift baskets and gift cards were awarded to the lucky audience. Up next were the juniors and seniors who showed off some of this year’s trendy prom attire. They wowed the audience with their utmost elegance and sophistication as they took the runway. All the while, the money raised from that night went to scholarships to be awarded to our very own students.

The fashion show was, as expected, a night to remember. Fun was had by all, and the spirit of the show continued on long after the models turned in.  A special thanks to everyone involved in the event; your dedication and participation was much appreciated. Let’s get ready to do it all again next year.

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