Centereach High School Elections May 28, 2015. You Decide! 2016 Class Elections


2016 Class Elections


Just one week before the big Election Day, Centereach’s Cross Currents was privileged enough to be able to meet with some of the candidates and get a little insight into their campaign. Unfortunately, the meeting was held after school on the same day as the music trip, so not all of the candidates were able to attend. But here is what some of them had to say:

Sophomore Class Elections:


Zairel Luna, running for Class President

The main goal Zairel has for next year is to try to get people to try new things and not be afraid to do so. She wants everyone in her grade to be unified and feel equal, and she thinks currently her grade is made up of cliques with people that may be too afraid to step out of their comfort zone. Not that many people run for office, and some run unopposed, as their peers don’t feel they’re popular enough to even have a chance and thus don’t try. Zairel claims she’s not the most popular but wants to go out, do her best, and win to be a role model for the rest of her class and show that they should never be afraid to try.

Giavanna Glaser, running for Class President

Giavanna’s strives to make her class more fun, and become more connected. The year for her did not meet its potential and therefore she hopes her presidency can add some fun into her classmates’ days, making them something to remember.

Crystina Coppola, running for Class President

Crystina’s main goal is to make everyone feel welcome. If she wins, equality will become the aspect of school life she wishes to emphasize. With the goal of school becoming more fair for everyone who attends.

Emily Tirado, running for Class President

Emily’s biggest goals for next year are to improve all the class events and unify her year. She noted how this year’s class competition ran into a few problems. She wants to try to improve that and all the other events so issues like that don’t occur. She also wants to encourage all students to participate in these events, not only to join together, but also to live out a true and unforgetable high school life. She wants her year to succeed in all of these events, get a winning record, and look back and say something like, “Wow, look at the class of 2018 and how accomplished they were.”




Riah Sharma, running for Class Secretary

If Riah is elected as Secretary next year, her most important goal is to make sure that everyone’s voice is heard and to take all ideas into consideration. She also wants for her class to try their best in everything and win in all their endeavors.

Kaitlyn Trezzo, running for Class Treasurer

Her main goal as treasurer would be to make everyone’s year easier. With that in mind, she also wishes for her class to be able to reflect over their year.

Junior Class Elections:

Brian Malheiro, running for Class President

His main goal for next year, if elected, is for everyone’s thoughts to be included in the big picture, and for no idea to go unheard. He hopes for a great year regardless of the turnout, and wants to mention that “you shouldn’t forget to vote for me.”


Annalie Buscarino, running for Class Vice President

Annalie’s most significant goal was to be able to keep everyone happy and satisfied in all that the class accomplishes but to do so in such a way that she can also be a strong, organized and efficient leader. She is both excited and honored to be in the running and she hopes she gets the opportunity to represent the Junior Class.


Olivia Tuomey, running for Class Treasurer

When asked what she had in store for next year, Olivia responded by saying that she “thinks it’s important that everyone has a say and everyone’s voice is heard.” She hopes to be able to organize more fundraisers to support the class for an awesome senior year.

Senior Class Elections:

Erica Medina, running for Class President

Erica is looking to have a positive last year, making it as memorable and special as possible. She considers herself to be an organized person and she is prepared to be a leader, no matter what that might bring. She’s involved in many school events and she believes the experience will serve her well in office.


Jose Zavala, running for President

Jose only wishes to unite the class of 2016 with his presidency. He hopes that if nothing else the class can come together for one last year before high school all becomes a memory. Because as much as we would like to stay high school seniors forever, it is unfortunately not realistic. That day will come where the moments here and the people we were lucky enough to meet will become a distant memory, so we might as well make it a great one. Jose has kept us laughing throughout this campaign and he would be honored to be elected Class President.


Lauren Meigel, running for Vice President

Lauren hopes for the events next year to run smoothly and for everyone to enjoy themselves while still getting things done. Considering that it will be the last year for the Class of 2016, she strives to do everything she can to make it a memorable one before we all go on our separate ways.


G.O. Elections:  *Note: With the exception of treasurer, this year’s G.O. officers are running unopposed. That being said, they still cued us in to what they had to say…

Zach Quinn, President


Zach stated that, “I’m only here so I won’t get fined.” He also added a quote from white tiger power, “it’s morphin’ time.”  Zach mentioned words from FDR’s First Inaugural Address, “ The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Although he was not asked to, Zach made an irrelevant, but comical, reference to Pearl Harbor when he said ” December 7, 1941, a day remembered in infamy when the US was attacked by the empire of Japan.”


Kyle Hollowell, Vice President


Kyle stated his desire to “bring poptarts back into students lives and bring swag into school life again.”




The Newspaper Club would like to thank everyone who was able to attend the meeting and acknowledge the great speeches of those who weren’t. We wish all of the candidates luck in these upcoming elections. Be sure to check back for the results.



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