Pops Concert Raises Spirits and Money for Scholarships!


By: Alexandria Ortiz

February 10 was the 34th annual POPS Concert to raise money for scholarships. This concert included the jazz ensemble, the philharmonic orchestra, the combined concert and philharmonic orchestras, the combined chorus, and the bands. All groups did an amazing job. The jazz ensemble started the music for the night. The hit “Happy” was one of a few songs perfectly performed by the combined chorus who followed. Then the philharmonic orchestra played “Reflection” from Mulan and “Radioactive” wonderfully. The combined orchestras played “You Raise Me Up” and “Smoke on the Water” beautifully. Lastly, memorable pieces from the band were a Disney arrangement and a song that contained hits from the eighties. The hard work from all the groups paid off because the audience loved the performances.

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