Senior Variety Show Makes ‘Em Laugh Out Loud!

By Angela Boscarino and Ashley Gomez

On the evening of January 9, the seniors here at Centereach High School came together to coproduce the annual Senior Variety Show.  From silly comedy to superb singing and marvelous dancing, the event was a victorious turnout. The seniors give special thanks to the advisors, Ms. Bickoff and Ms. Bridgewood, as well as other inspirational advisors who have helped through the years.

All the acts were phenomenal. Some performances that got the crowd from laughing to tearing included a skit called honest college, which is a fancy way of saying going into debt. Also wonderful performances of singing and dancing wowed the audience, including a dance solo to Nicki Minaj, Arianna Grande and Jessie J’s hit songs “Bang Bang,” as well as the beautiful singers who sang a cover of Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man”.  Nonetheless, the variety show definitely succeeded in giving everyone a night of entertainment after weeks of working hard. A realistic version of walking the school halls, sung to the Twelve Days of Christmas, included girls crying, couples kissing, and the one student who always has to use the bathroom.  The Rap Battle Faculty gave an exclusive look into the minds of teachers when not in class. The “real” side of teachers was shown, from planning tests to assigning hours of homework.

In loving honor and memory, the entire show was dedicated to Centereach’s Matthew Lewis, whose life was taken all too quickly by cystic fibrosis. The student body and audience came together to remember the beautiful memory of Matthew, by singing his favorite song, “Let it Be” by the Beatles.  This event truly made everyone who experienced the laughter and joy appreciate the hard work and effort that the seniors put into it. The bar was set high for soon to be seniors.

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